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Since the birth of Agricultural, farmers have tried to control the amount of water reaching their crops. Excess water is often a restricting factor in yield and here in Northern Europe we get more than our far share of rain. A network of drains carefully designed and correctly installed can remove excess water and the advantages of doing this are well know, land drainage is a tried and tested technology which is a major part of healthy productive soils.

Why drain

Increase Yield. Well drained soils maximize crop growth and therefore yields. Wet soils produce anaerobic conditions resulting in weaker, smaller plants which are more susceptible to disease and competition. Numerous experience trails and data analysis show average yield increases from between 20 to 40%.

Reduce costs and Increased Flexibility. Wet soils are hard work. Not only they are more difficult to cultivate and prepare but they also have a very small window of opportunity when the land is accessible. Bogged down tractors can’t work and many hours can be wasted rescuing them. Good soil conditions lower fuel costs and reduce the time taken to do the job. Drainage lengthens the window of opportunity allowing spraying or fertilizers to be applied when the crops require rather than when the weather allows.

The Foundation of Farming. The soil beneath your feet is the most important asset a farmer has. It needs to be looked after and invested in as much as, if not more, than machinery. Money spent on drainage not only improves the soil but it protects other investments, after all if the ground is too wet to work, nothing else can be done.

Increase Land Values. Land Prices continue to rise as demand out-strips supply. Well drained land which looks pleasing to the eye is worth more than sodden fields with rut marks. If land is now too expensive to buy then improving what you have is the next best option

Maximise Costly Inputs. Seed, Fertilizer and chemical applications are expensive and it is likely that these costs will continue to increase. If such inputs are going to work to their maximum capability a consistent, healthy crop is required. Appling fertilizers and herbicides on to poorly performing areas is simply throwing money down the drain.

Lengthens growing season. Well drained soils warm up quicker in the spring, increasing the growing period

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